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Click on the book cover image to the left to be taken to Jo's controversial new novel, A Sacred Passion.


Published by the new imprint Akash Books, the book is available for purchase as a Kindle or paperback from Amazon, worldwide.


'A Sacred Passion' is a controversial novel exploring love, Buddhism, caste and magic, set in the Kandyan temple culture of Sri Lanka. A love affair between Joy, a British psychologist and Namal, a sacred musician, transforms Joy's spiritual idealism into wisdom, via a roller-coaster of romance, trauma and betrayal. Joy's love affair evolves against a backdrop of indigenous magic, caste politics and Buddhist nationalism. She encounters layers of political and religious intrigue inside the temples, and indigenous sorcery and shamanism outside, that aims to destroy the affair, which is regarded as scandalous by the religious orthodoxy. Cursed, conned and betrayed, Joy turns to the support of her trusted friend Anoma; a low caste woman previously working as her housekeeper, in her quest to challenge the cultural chauvinism that is destroying her relationship. Joy and Anoma’s friendship becomes a source of sisterly support in a psychologically dangerous environment; an oasis of affection, warmth and humour that crosses many cultural divides.