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Jo Nash- personal development coach, trainer, scholar and writer

43 Chamberwell Ave. Cambridge, England

Jo has a PhD in Psychotherapy Studies from the University of Sheffield, UK and 30 years experience working in the mental heath field as a clinician, trainer, researcher and lecturer. She is also published widely.

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Jo originally trained as a mental health nurse before going to University to study her BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies, MA in Psychoanalytic Studies and PhD in Psychotherapy Studies. She has also trained in a range of mindfulness- based interventions, including MBCT, MBSR and ACT. The latter approach is a practical coaching intervention which does not require a meditation practice, but involves re-orientating the mind to the observer or ‘witness state’ in order to defuse from unhelpful thoughts that block access to the here and now- the ground for psychological healing.


Jo teaches ACT, mindfulness and compassion-based interventions, cross-cultural approaches to human development, eco-psychology and self enquiry. She divides her time between India and Europe.